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WooCommerce FAC Documentation

The WooCommerce First Atlantic Commerce Payment Gateway Plugin provides powerful options for accepting payments via First Atlantic Commerce on your WordPress website. This extension allows you to process transactions in up to 145 currencies, with pricing and settlement in up to 15 major world currencies depending on the bank where you hold your merchant account. Your customers can also save their credit cards securely using First Atlantic Commerce for fast and easy checkout. Start using our fully featured payment plugin today!

– Accept international transactions.
– Accept major debit/credit cards – VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover/Novus, JCB, and Maestro.
– Capture prior authorized transactions from within WooCommerce
– Process refunds within WooCommerce
– Full support for recurring payments with WooCommerce Subscriptions.
– On Site and FAC Hosted Payment Page Checkout.
– Choose which credit cards you want to accept.
– Merchants can authorize only or authorize and capture transactions.
– Shows transaction messages within WooCommerce order page.
– KOUNT risk management solution, 3D Secure, AVS, CVC.
– Store credit cards securely for faster checkout.


Before you are able to configure this plugin correctly you need to have a few things –

A WordPress Website with WooCommerce Installed
In order for this plugin to work you need a WordPress website with WooCommerce installed along with at least one product for testing.

An SSL Certificate
First Atlantic Commerce only accepts transactions that come from a secure website. This means that you must purchase and configure an SSL certificate for your domain before you can do any testing. There are many companies that offer SSL certificates for sale and we at Webgold also provide the service of purchasing, configuring and A-Grading your SSL certificate. For more information on that service please call us at 1 868 628-4628 or email info@webgold.co

A Merchant Account from First Atlantic Commerce
More specifically, you need a Merchant ID and Processing Password from First Atlantic Commerce. Once you are approved by your bank, FAC should reach out to you within a couple of days by sending you a number of emails. They usually send separate emails with the Merchant ID and Processing Password. One email will have your account details which includes your Merchant ID (This number starts with an 8 for testing and a 3 for live transactions) for example 88812345 or 33301234.
In a separate, secure email they will send your Processing Password which is needed along with the Merchant ID to complete the setup.

Currency Configuration
You need to adjust the currency in your WooCommerce settings to match the currency of your FAC Merchant account. For example, if you’re processing in Jamaican dollars, you need to adjust the Currency on your website to Jamaican dollars. A tricky part occurs because WooCommerce may not include your currency by default. Please see this article to add the necessary currency to your website.

FAC also requires that you add your currency symbol to your website for processing. This plugin does a great job of adding the currency symbol.


Once you have all the prerequisites in order, you’re ready to configure your plugin. Please ensure that you are familiar with the options provided by FAC as the plugin will require you to simply turn on or off various services.
To install, go to –

– Plugins -> Add New
– Select the plugin file included with this download
– Click Install Now
– Activate the Plugin

The first thing you will see is a notice to activate your API Key. All plugin purchases come with an API Key that connects your website to our server so that we can provide support and updates for the plugin. For the plugin to work, you MUST activate this API Key before moving forward. This key is included in your purchase email and can also be accessed by logging into your account on webgold.co and going to the API Keys section. Once you activate the API Key, you’re ready to configure.


To configure your new plugin, head over to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments -> First Atlantic Commerce Payment Gateway. You can see a screenshot of our plugin settings page below as well as a full description of what each option does. You will need to turn each option ON or OFF according to the options you selected when creating your merchant account with FAC.

– The first option allows you to select the Language you prefer
– The “Enable/Disable” checkbox allows you to select or de-select WooCommerce First Atlantic Commerce Payment gateway as the payment method for your website.
– The “Payment Type” dropdown allows you to choose from two options for receiving payment:
Authorize: this option checks that the customer has enough money on their credit/debit card to make the payment and puts it in holding however it does not actually take the money from the card. It can be used in situations where the merchant would like to put the payment on hold and only take or capture the payment when the item being bought has been shipped.
Authorize and Capture: this option checks that the customer has enough money on their credit/debit card and immediately takes or ‘Captures’ the money from that card to be routed the merchant’s bank account.
– The “Enable 3D secure transaction” option allows you to increase security against credit card fraud on your website by requiring that customers put in their credit card number, CVC code as well as their 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) when making purchases. This option should only be enabled if your bank supports 3D Secure.
– The “Enable Address Verification (AVS)” option allows you even more security against credit card fraud. This option compares and validates the billing address used when making an order on your site and the address associated with the credit card being used to make the purchase. If the addresses match then the transaction will succeed, if not the transaction will fail and an error will be shown.
– The “Title” input box allows you to set what the customer will see when choosing a payment method. Usually something like “Credit Card” will work.
– The “Description” area allows you to specify the description of the payment method. Some examples of a good description are “Pay securely with your Credit Card” or “Check out now with your Credit Card”.
– “Test Mode” allows you to enter a test merchant ID and a test Password so that you can test transactions to ensure everything is ok before going live. When you are ready to go live (Production Mode), simply uncheck this box and update your Merchant ID and Merchant Processing password.
– “Enable HPP” allows customers to buy items on your site but when they are ready to checkout, they are routed to a secure hosted payment page (HPP) where they can enter their credit card details and complete the transaction. Your Hosted Payment Page must be created before enabling this functionality. To create a Hosted Payment Page, simply reach out to FAC and they will guide you on how to get it done.
– You are required the fill in the “Page Name” and “Page Set Name” section for HPP to work. You must give your Hosted Payment Page a Name and Set Name in your First Atlantic Commerce merchant admin and enter those names in these fields.

– The “Enable Tokenization” option allows your customers to save their payment details for easier checkout. It does not store their actual credit card information but a randomly generated code or ‘token’ that represents their card. This makes storing payment details more secure.
– The “Card Types” option allows you to choose which credit cards you want to accept on your store. It shows the relevant card icons on the checkout page of your website so that customers know which types of cards you accept payments from.
– You need to enter your First Atlantic Commerce Merchant ID in the “Merchant ID” field. This is the first part of your connection to First Atlantic Commerce.
– You must also enter your First Atlantic Commerce Merchant Processing Password in the “Merchant Password” field. This completes the connection to First Atlantic Commerce.
– KOUNT is another fraud protection service that is offered by First Atlantic Commerce. If your arrangement with First Atlantic Commerce includes KOUNT then you can click “Enable KOUNT Service”.
IMPORTANT!: KOUNT integration requires you to create a 1×1 GIF, upload it to your server and send the URL to FAC. Let’s say you created your GIF and named if kount.gif and uploaded it to the root of your server. Assuming your site’s URL is example.com, you will need to send FAC this link – example.com/kount.gif. You must also pay particular attention to the message included on the plugin’s settings page regarding Kount, as it requires you to make some changes to your plugin’s files.

– “Enable KOUNT Test Mode” allows you to test your transactions in the KOUNT system to ensure everything is working well. You must turn on Kount and Kount Test Mode to use Kount for testing transactions. When you’re done with test mode, simply, uncheck the Kount Test Mode box.
– “KOUNT Merchant ID” is your connection with the KOUNT service. First Atlantic Commerce will provide this to you and you can enter it here.


Once you’ve selected your desired options and saved the changes, you’re ready to test a transaction. For this, you need to login to the Merchant Administration area provided by First Atlantic Commerce. Head back to the same email with the Merchant ID and you will see a link for your Merchant Administration Area as well as the login email. The login email will look something like this companyname_test@fac.bm. The secure email with your Processing Password also contains the Merchant Admin login password so you can access it from there.

You’ll want to login to your Merchant Administrative Area then go back to your WordPress website and try to purchase something. If you’re in Test Mode, you can use the credit card number 4111111111111111 with any expiry date in the future and any CVC number to simulate a valid transaction and the card number 4111111111110000 or any expiry date in the past and any CVC to simulate a failed transaction. You should see a generic error message appear for the failed transaction and a success page for the valid transaction. You should also see both transactions in your FAC Admin.


If your tests don’t work as expected, please disable all other plugins and activate one of WordPress’s default themes and test again. 99% of the time, when the plugin doesn’t work, it is because of a conflict with the theme or another plugin. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us at pluginsupport@webgold.co. If the transaction works after you disable everything, reactivate the theme and plugins one at a time and test with each reactivation to isolate the problem.


First Atlantic Commerce sends you information for their test environment so that you can ensure transactions work without using a real credit card. Once you’re done testing, they’ll send you the production details. To switch to production mode, you simply need to –
– Uncheck the Test Mode box in the plugin’s settings
– Replace the test Merchant ID with the Production Merchant ID
– Replace the test Processing Password with the Production Processing Password
– If you’re using the Hosted Payment Page functionality, you’ll need to recreate a Hosted Payment Page on FAC’s Production Merchant Administration Area and enter the new Page Name and Page Set Name
– If you’re using Kount, you’ll need to uncheck “Kount Test Mode” and replace the test Kount ID with the production Kount ID.

You will then need to complete a test transaction with a real credit card on a low value product so that FAC can confirm the money hits your bank account. The testing process is the same as above.


All in all, there is a bit of a process to get installation and transaction testing done however FAC’s support team is usually very helpful if you should have questions. We also provide support for the plugin and can usually assist you with any questions. If the process seems cumbersome or you would rather professional assistance with your installation and transaction testing, please reach out to us at support@webgold.co and we can provide you with an estimate for the service.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Cheers!